Think. Focus. Design. Design what? Design your life! Space. Improve. Elevate. Amend. Redesign. Grow. Rethink. Challenge. Edit. Tweak. Tinker. Thinker. Relax… Think. Brew Coffee. Cook Dinner. Move your Sofa. Refocus. Write. Read. Read. Write. Right? Take a picture. Again. Again. Perfect it. Take more. Think. Focus. Work. Work. Work. Play. Work. Relax. Think. Think. Think. Space. Open Space. Natural Light. Sanctuary. Natural. Be Natural. Be yourself. Who am I? Craft. Develop. Art. Law. Sprezzatura. Experiment. Grow. Evolve.  Light. Sun. Stretch. Yawn. Take a nap. No. Work. No. Create. Discipline. Freedom. Solve. Draw. Paint. Sculpt. Have a coffee. But brew your own. Black. Night. Time to work. Time to play. Time to cook. Cook your life. No, doesn’t work. Design your life. Braise. Sear. Brown. Bake. Time to invite a friend over and sit. Sit. Think. No, Relax. Breath. Converse. Exist. Yoga. Tomorrow. First thing. Run. I like running. Pull-ups. Right outside my door. With my neighbor. Exist. Evolve. Grow. Flowers. Fruit. A vegetable. Pick it. Eat it. I’m Hungry. Order in. NO! Never, not even Pizza. Maybe sometimes. NO. Travel. Go somewhere. Walk somewhere. Where? It’s quiet. There’s little around. It’s ok, just THINK. It’s cold. Builds CHARACTER. Jab, Hook, Slip. FOCUS. Improvise. Miles Davis. THINK. True North. Detroit. Spring 2017.

Space for self-stimulated people. Period.

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3 minutes